I finally got the all clear to resume normal activity after my last trip under the surgeons knife, so my darling son took me out birding today.  What a day! It was truly fantastic, and so so good to be out in the wilds of Nevada again. 

We did a little run around Winnemucca, found a Snowy Egret and many Yellow-headed Blackbirds in a llittle pond off Reinhardt Lane, just up from the tracks. A Loggerhead Shrike on 2nd street heading east. The usual Red-tailed Hawks, one sitting on its nest, also on 2nd St. 

After that little jaunt, we headed out to Paradise Valley. All was quite as we took the road down into PV. nothing on the lines, no raptors, no nothing. We headed out to 'My pond' which has now been renamed 'My Puddle'. Sadly depleted of water by the trucks siphoning water for the new Fire Station. A very, very sad situation. 

Oh well, nothing can be done about it, so we headed up to Hinkey Summit. Wow! What a treat! I had the binoculars and my son had the camera, we truly made the perfect team. Highlight for both of us were tons of Bullock's Orieols, a couple of Yellow Warblers, a Green-Tailed Towhee maie. The latter was displaying, his red crest fully blown and tail fanned. And finally, a beautiful Lazuli Bunting, who posed so perfectly for the camera. 

Back down in PV, we found nesting Kestrels in a tree where they've nested for many years. 

My son really wanted to see three birds, American Kestrel (his favourite), Priarie Falcon and Lazuli Bunting. We got two out of the three, so he went home happy. 

All in all we saw 39 spiecies. An good day, in my books. 

Sue Herrera
Winnemucca & Hinkey Summit, Nevada