I do not usually go in the middle of the day. I saw the usual common Cormorants, Gulls, Brewers Blackbirds, Coots, C Geese and LBJs were joined by ....


The Red Head was at the south end by the bridge.  I am assuming it was a Red Head but it wasn't very red.  More like my book's golden eye but those are rare or nonexistant here if I am not mistaken?  Whatever it was, it had beautifully patterned feathers on its back.  It had a pattern like a loon's but much, much finer.  Also, the head was rounded from the side and very wide at the jaw from the front/back view.  My book doesn't mention either the wide jaw or the feathers as ID marks but it seemed distinctive.

The Merganser was by the inlet stream/dam at the north end.  I could not tell for sure but I suppose it was a Common as I have seen them there this winter.  It did have a long wide white streak on its side.

The Shovelers were in a tight group in the middle of the lake.  They were all the nondescript mottled brown but the big bright schnozzes on them led me to my ID.

There were just more here than usual.  There was a family of 4 Pied Grebes in the very middle of the lake and 2 more at the south end.  Seemed to be having very good fishing.  The edges of the water are certainly full of fingerlings and small fry.

The Egrets are moving up to the top of the island now that almost all of the cormorants and gulls have left it.  I guess they may not have been resting at the water's edge by choice.

There was a lot of LBJs aroung the lake.  I did not stop to look at them all but didn't see anything unusual to me, just more than usual.  Especially for the middle of the day.

A few days ago I saw something moving under the water.  I could only just see the head which seemed very "rounded" for a fish. (Shaped like and at least the size of a good dill pickle, but smooth.)  I followed as it was bobbing along just under the water for about 5-7 feet then disappeared.  It was really too dark to see very well.  It definitely moved and a stick or some such wouldn't have suddenly disappeared.  Since I saw that turtle on the Truckee I have been wondering if it wasn't a fish but a turtle?  Has anyone seen turtles there?

Almost no swallows to speak of which is very different from evening walks.

Lots of Ravens all around as well.

Missed something flying with a couple of swallows when I first got there.  It was 2x bigger, lighter colored and a little more "awkward" flying.  It was at the far end and they cleared out before I got there.

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